Our Program: Learn to Swim
Level 1 to 7 ( age 4 to 16 )

The learn to swim program teaches aquatic and safety skills in a logical progression. The objective is to teach kids to swim and to be safe in, on and around the water. Swimmers will have taught to swim strokes, and focus on improving strokes and building endurance. The program is taught and supervised by an experienced swim coach and swimmers are categorized based on skill proficiency.

  • Level 1 to 2 Ratio 1:5

    Swimmers will start to learn basic water exploration and swimming skills. This program covers submersion under the water, floating and gliding on front and back, rhythmic breathing, safety and survival skills, front crawl movement and flutter board kicking. Three meter deep water swim with instructor’s help.

  • Level 3-4

    This class is designed to build upon the skills learned at the intermediate level. The front and back kicking speed will be introduced and the front & back stroke will be perfected. Students will learn whip kick, as well as breaststroke arm motion with proper timing. Safety & survival skills will be expanded.

  • Level 5-6

    This program pushes swimming skills to the next level, where swimmers will coordinate and refine key swim strokes. Correct freestyle, backstroke swim will be emphasis and also focus on breaststroke, butterfly and streamline pushoff.

  • Level 7

    In this level is also called pre-competitive, we will emphasis on proper development of the 4 competitive strokes (free; back; breast and fly) by introduce the speed endurance and proper dive and turn for all strokes.

级别 1 至 7 (4 至 16 岁)


  • 级别 1 至 2 比例 1:5

    学员将开始学习基本的探水和游泳技能。该课程涵盖浸没在水中,正面和背面的漂浮和滑行, 有节奏的呼吸,安全和求生技能,自由泳和打水板踢腿,在教练的帮助下三米深的游泳。

  • 级别 3 至 4

    本课程的目的是强化在中级中学到的技能,将引进正面和背面踢腿的速度和完善自由泳和仰泳的划水动作。 学员将学习蛙式踢腿,以及适当时机的蛙泳手臂运动。水上安全与生存技能将被强化。

  • 级别 5 至 6


  • 级别 7


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